Blarney Computer Services have 35 years experience in computing and 15 years Internet experience.

  • In the beginning

    there were "Commodore Pets" "Apple 1's" and "Tandy TRS80's" and one of the very first computer games (battleshiips) was exnibited at a show in 1978 

    we were there !

  • Then came Video Machines

    Video machine conversion and repairs,
    testing of all the Computer boards for the very first quiz machine Quizmaster ....

                       we were there !


  • And then there were thousands

    ZX Spectrum, Acorn Atoms, Apple ii, Commodore 64's Amiga's, Memotek's, DAI's  Atari ST's and IBM pc's 

            we were there !

  • Now there are only three

    Well three main ones anyway, Wiindoze Linux and Mac OS , we use all three but mainly Mac OS and Linux as they just work also we run an asterisk VOIP  server and a small webserver.